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Holiday Yoga

This is the season. Snow is falling. Holiday social commitments are filling up the calendar and somehow, in the tiny cracks of time between them and work, there is gift shopping to do and a life to run. Whatever holidays you’re celebrating, there is likely to be an element of stress utterly contrary to the spirit of the season. A lot… Continue reading Holiday Yoga


I’m Starting the Rewrite

When I first wrote Yoga for Every Room in Your House, it was the best I could make it at the time. I’ve learned a few things since then. Some of it stands up as-is, some of it needs refining, and some additional things need to be included. The variation on the sun salutation using… Continue reading I’m Starting the Rewrite

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Breath and Spirit

I first became aware of the connection between breath and spirit in my studies of yoga because the word Pranayama means breath control. Prana literally means breath in Sanskrit. It also means spirit. In English, the words spirit and respiration come from the same root, the Latin word spiritus. In other languages the pattern is the same.… Continue reading Breath and Spirit