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Aparigraha: The Heart of Harvest

Aparigraha (“You shall not hoard” or “You shall not covet”). The harvest festivals, which begin in the Northern Hemisphere with August's first harvest and occur every few weeks throughout the winter (Thanksgiving being most familiar in the US), are all about non-hoarding. It is the time for being grateful, sharing abundance, and taking care of… Continue reading Aparigraha: The Heart of Harvest

8 limbs of yoga, eight limbs of yoga, yama

Brahmacharya: A Balanced Life

Brahmacharya is difficult to translate into Western terms. It literally means “under the tutelage of Brahma.” Brahmacharya refers to celibacy, religious study and self-restraint. It resembles expected behavior of monks and nuns in Christian monasteries. Yet, in Indian society, many people who practice brahmacharya are married with children, because without knowledge of human love one can’t… Continue reading Brahmacharya: A Balanced Life